I just checked out www.ravelry.com. Looks interesting. Anyone beta testing it? I can’t wait to see what it’s like. Looks great.

:noway: Yeah… lots of us have gotten in. If you sign up now you will thousands in front of you on the waiting list, but they say they will soon open to everyone. Of course they’ve been saying that for awhile, but… :teehee:

A LOT of us are in.


Here’s a screenshot of my profile page, Lu! Cool isn’t it?!

:muah:Love it! When can I get mine???

Probably be awhile. :wink: Where are you on the list? Did you know you can check? At the top of the main page it has a link… I think it was something with antsy at the end. :teehee:

Oh great! I’ll be on Social Security by the time they get to me! :teehee::
[li]You signed up on Today[/li][li]You are #31420 on the list.[/li][li]19791 people are ahead of you in line.[/li][li]17 people are behind you in line.[/li][*]36% of the list has been invited so far[/ul]

Whoa. Almost TWENTY thousand people behind you in line? That’s the size of small city. Or medium sized city!

it shouldn’t be too TOO long. they have their servers in and are working out some more bugs.

Lu - I can’t wait til you’re on there!!! You will LOVE it!

What’s the wait? It should be database run so even if the site isn’t ready to go, the db should take care of membership right away. Sheeeeeeeesh!

JJ…hope to join you in Fri. morning stitching one of these days…you still at Twisted Yarns on Fridays? What time? My mom should go home next week. All fine. Surgery over. Tumor benign…GOD IS AWESOME!

They were absolutely overwhelmed, Lu. They expected a few thousand would be interested and instead they’ve something like, I don’t know… 19 or 20 thousand? They probably have had to do all kinds of background stuff to make sure the site won’t crash when they finally open the doors. If you check daily you’ll see they are letting in quite a few a day. I kept track on piece of paper next to the computer. :teehee:

I just checked and the number of people signed up is about 31,500. Growing by leaps and bounds each day too. I think about 400 more people signed up since Labor Day.

I am 24094, still have 12,500 people in front of me after a month of waiting. Oh well.

Yep, still there on Friday’s! I go around 1 until around 3 or so.

So glad your mom is doing better! :cheering: