Ravelry...where can I find

Where can I find the section where I can type in the type of yarn I have and what it would be good for? I’m still very new over there and confused.:wink:

Thanks for any help.:mrgreen:

That is your stash. It’s under your notebook.


If you click on the Yarn tab at the top of the page, you can then type in the name of your yarn and it will come up with a whole list of projects being made with the yarn.

Yeah that’s it, I mistakenly thought she wanted to record her stash.

You can also go to the pattern browser, and choose the weight of the yarn you’re using and the type of pattern you want, and you get a huge list - that element’s been fatal to my knitting queue! I’m so behind on my dyeing and pattern writing!

Thanks, everyone.

Oh, knitting guy, I should record my stash. It’s getting quite large.:aww: