Ravelry weekend msg

How cool is this?!

Cute! Mine always tells me if I have messages…I havent seen the weekend yet.

I noticed that too. After I read my messages, it changed to “no new messages”, then later it said “happy friday”, now it says “have a nice weekend”. Casey must be having fun. :wink:

I take it as a friendly reminder that Ravelry loves us :X

I wouldn’t know since I’m not on Ravelry yet! I’m trying to be patient, but it’s so hard! I have yarn I need to enter!!!

That is too cute.

Just another little reason to love Ravelry.

Happy wedding day, Krystal. I’m married 38 years (yes, to the same man) and it gets better and better.


I saw that too, and I think it’s so cute. I was gone for a few days from here, and I see that our “Junior Member, Member, and Senior Member” have all changed. I’m not “In the first leg of my journey.” I hope to get to be “turning the heel” soon. :wink:

And Krystal - congratulations! I hope it is a beautiful day for you! :woohoo:

Congrats on the Wedding. I love being married. I am still waiting for my invite to Raverly.

If you follow the “site update chatter” thread on the “for the love of Ravelry” forum you can get a sneak peek at stuff they’re working on or have just implemented. It’s pretty fun :thumbsup: