Ravelry trouble

Anyone having trouble posting to Ravelry?

I joined a group there months ago and posted a pic of the beginning of my project and I wanted to post the end result but every time I try to post anything whether it’s to the group or in my own section it just goes to a blank screen. totally blank with just the green border and no words. no way to do anything and I have to backtrack to get out of it.

Any ideas what’s up with that?

It’s acting up right now. Just try again later.

I’ve had trouble all day too!!

Maybe the snow on the east coast is letting people spend more time uploading pics and surfing ravelry!

Well I’m glad it’s not just me. ALthough I have been trying for weeks and have had not luck. Bummer

Been fine for me today.

Click on “Help” (at the top right of the Ravelry home page).
Then click on “Get Help from People.” There’s a whole group of volunteers who know Rav inside out and will try to solve your problem.