Ravelry Stash function

I finally started to catalog my stash on Ravelry. What a great program. My stash is stored throughout the house and I must admit (with much embarressment) that I really had no idea what I had where!!

I’ve got a way to go before I have all my yarn accounted for but what great function the ravelry stash program is. It puts all the “like” yarn together and lets you have a good idea of what you have where.

I must confess to frequently buying new yarn for a project because I don’t want to sort through my containers to see what I have.

Anyone else Ravelry stashing??

I have most of my stash written down in a notebook with the intention of putting it on Ravelry and just haven’t gotten that far. I also haven’t gotten photos of FO posted on my page and the last several projects never even had photos taken before being gifted.
I have a hard time putting my knitting down long enough to update my info on Ravelry. I hope I can change that eventually.
I do love the needles chart. I printed mine out and took it with me to a LYS and still bought a needle I didn’t need so have to take it back and exchange.

I haven’t done mine yet, but hubby is flying to Vegas for a 5 day business trip and thought I would do it then. I thought it was a brilliant idea. The coolest thing I like about it is I can access my Ravelry from my cell phone so then I can see what I already have.:teehee:

I have most of my yarn inventoried in Ravely (I did it one night last Spring at 3am when I couldn’t sleep!). One of my NY resolutions is to not buy any more yarn until I’ve used up what’s in my stash. I’m whittling it down, bit by bit!

hahahaha, well technically I suppose it SHOULD help one use their stash. But so far it’s just another way for me to ADMIRE my stash:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I’ve only just started knitting, so my stash is fairly manageable, and even so I’ve still got a few balls here and there that haven’t been put in my Stash! :slight_smile:

Rav is a really good site, technically. Really well thought out and coded…

Almost all of my stash is on Ravelry. Basically the only stuff I DON’T have on there is the yarn my mom gave me that don’t have the wraps on them.

I have a bit of it there. I’m waiting until the days get longer because my apartment doesn’t have a lot of natural light and by the time I get home, it’s not light enough to take photos outside. I prefer to take pictures outside anyway, because I think you get the true color of the yarn that way. It’s amazing the difference between what the color of the yarn looks like inside vs. outside.

I have most of mine on there. I just can’t remember to go in and change it when I use all or part of a particular yarn.

I spent most of the day working on it. The end is in sight!! I have just a little bit to add but it will wait till TOMORROW!!! I’ve actually had a lot of fun with this project.

But it was also a bit of an awakening that I really need to look at what I have before I buy any more yarn. It won’t stop me but perhaps it will slow me down!