Ravelry signature linker

Some members have asked how they can add a Ravelry icon to their KH signature. I quickly cobbled together a tool that lets you create the code for a Ravelry profile icon which you can then copy and paste into your KH signature. It’s nice and easy!


[COLOR=Red][B]Important Note:[/B][/COLOR] If you have existing stuff in your signature, you might want to edit your signature in plain text mode. To do this, click on the icon in the upper right corner of the signature editor (looks like a couple of A’s). Once you’re in plain text mode, you should easily be able to paste the linking code without interfering with your existing code.

This tool is in beta, so don’t be surprised if it’s broken unavailable at times. I am still working on it and plan on adding other linking options (let me know if you have suggestions. Maybe some of the KH KALs?). I figured Ravelry was a good one to start with.



yay, a new toy!

Already played with it too, thanks!:hug:

Works great!


I wanted to ask how these were done, and now I know! :slight_smile:

Ok, Did that


It appears to be working…

Thanks, Sheldon! I had graphic already, but it didn’t link to my Ravelry profile. Now it does!

a new toy-YAY!

Awesome!! Thanks Sheldon!!

I already have one, but neato burrito! :yay:

:notworthy: You are so good to us Sheldon!! Thanks.

I hope this does it. Thank you Sheldon :woot::woot:

Thanks so much!! I added mine!

Great…Thanks Sheldon x

Didn’t work for me. All I get once i save is url= or some such 3 or 4 character gibberish.
the last time i tried to add a ravelry button, the next day the button said that I suck bandwidth so i removed it because i felt like a criminal.
also, the bloobies i had on there have just appeared as red x’s to me for weeks now. nothing computer wise seems to be working my way lately.:pout:

Allright Sheldon, keep the enabling coming!!! :muah:

:waah: OMG it ate my whole siggy:waah: I went n got the code cut n pasted as instructed saved it and the darn thing ate my siggy!!!

Not sure what happened. If you copy and paste the code verbatim from the siglinker, it should work a-ok. Also, our ravelry graphics are hosted here at KH, so you won’t get any bandwidth errors using our code.

The bloobies broke when we updated the forum. But I think we did get them working again. You’ll have to hunt down the original bloobies thread for the actual code.

Uh-oh! When you do copy and paste the code in, you want to make sure it doesn’t interfere with your existing signature code, else it may cause some strange things to happen. I hope you get it fixed.

K ty Sheldon for that info.
I tried to cut n paste it before the code for the ASKAL and it ate the pic and whatever was after the button, then I tried again with the cut n paste at the end and all I got was [url\]="

Oh rats! It didn’t work for me either. I just get that [url\]=" too.