Ravelry: questions

I see a lot of people use Ravelry but I have heard there had been issues. Seems like such a good resource but have been somewhat reluctant to jump in. I tend to be cautious with sites. Thoughts?

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I use it to look at patterns but I don’t post anything.
It’s a good resource. Like you, I am cautious with joining sites and really the only place I post is here.

So do you have to set up account to look at patterns? The only way I’ve looked has been thru links posted here

Oh I’m not sure. I did sign up with a nick name but have no other information on there and I just use the favs button. I thought you could browse patterns without signing up but if you want to save patterns you need to sign up. I might not be right about that though.
Have you tried just browsing patterns?

Well when I go to website it asks for username and password so I’m guessing I have to create an account.

Like you, I am cautious. I never signed up for any of the social media accounts. Ravelry is a great place to browse patterns and post your projects. But I would advise that you don’t post on forums. Sign up and use it freely to browse.

I’m of the opposite opinion. Ye you have to create an account but it’s free. I use it mostly for patterns and tracking my stash. But there are some good forums/groups. You only post if you want to. I don’t consider Ravelry to be a social media site. And the only trouble I’m aware of was back during the presidential election when there was such bitter discord between parties that the Ravelry administration basic said no posting of anything even the slightest bit political. But c’mon… it’s a knitting/crochet site. Politics, religion, etc do not belong on that sort of site. JMHO… :grin:


Thanks for the input. I heard about the political thing but also heard something about when they designed a new format (I think) it caused some people to have headaches or something.

Thee may have been a glitch or 2 when first rolled out but I didn’t have any problems. The fact is, a lot of people don’t like change. Even more so if they’re somewhat, umm… technically challenged. You should definitely check it out and decide for yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Political comment really doesn’t belong on a knitting forum does it, but you can still use ravelry without posting to the forums, or try it out and if you don’t like it, leave.
There’s a tab in the advanced search for adult content, I suggest you don’t x it if you might be offended, it’s not automatically on though.