Ravelry Question

Artlady received her Ravelry invitation today. Yippy Skippy!
I started a profile page, but have done nothing else yet.
I have a FLICKR account already set up. I have an actual knitting website (not a BLOG as lots of knitters use). I guess my knitting website will suffice. Anyway, Ravelry suggested we have a BLOG…but I don’t and won’t.

[B][COLOR=darkgreen]The Ravelry folks highly recommend using FIREFOX [/COLOR][/B]as the internet browser for Ravelry. They have actually included a link for the FIREFOX download on their new user WELCOME page.

[B][COLOR=blue]QUESTION 1:[/COLOR][/B] Can I download FIREFOX and use it for Ravelry…and use Internet Explorer 7 for other online uses?
[B]Can I have two internet browsers[/B] on my laptop…or will one cancel out the other like antivirus programs cancel each other out. You can’t have more than one installed.

If I download FIREFOX…[B]will I lose all my FAVORITES[/B] links that are now stored in my IE7 browser? [U]Will FIREFOX import[/U] all of my FAVORITES to its “FAVORITES”…or will I have to start from scratch? (Aaarrrgh. No can do.)

[B][COLOR=blue]QUESTION 2:[/COLOR][/B] How many of you Ravelers have actually downloaded FIREFOX for use with Ravelry? Did you lose all of your FAVORITES?

[B][COLOR=blue]QUESTION 3:[/COLOR][/B] How many Ravelers have stayed with IE7 or IE6? Have you experienced the “issues” that the Ravelry folks warned of??

Thanks in advance for your help. Mason, the KnittingGuy, has been saying for a long time that IE7 is not a safe way to enter the online world! He also recommends FIREFOX.
I am so slow to change.

Browsers do not cancel each other out, so you are free to use both Firefox and IE. You could even have other browsers, and they would all work independently of each other

When you download/update firefox it gives you the option of importing your bookmarks from IE.

I’ve been using Firefox exclusively for years, and I always recommend it over IE. In those years (and about five computers) I’ve only lost my bookmarks once. And it was my own fault. And I got them back.

I can’t answer your third question, but I can suggest you download Firefox and try it anyways, without dreading or hating it straight off, just for the fact that it’s different than IE. If, for some reason you can’t stand Firefox (I’ve yet to see that happen though), you can always uninstall it, and it won’t effect IE at all.

I downloaded Firefox specifically b/c Ravelry said it would work better on it. And it does. I had some glitches with trying to upload stuff in IE. No problems when I use Firefox. And when you download it, it will transfer all your bookmarks from IE, which is fabulous.

Since the download, I’ve been using Firefox more & more over IE. Oddly enough, the only time I’ve had any kind of issue is when I’m on the KH forum (it sometimes loads a little slowly). But I’m really liking Firefox!

Once you switch to Firefox, you won’t want to go back.

It’s everything IE is and SO much more. And Firefox is 100% safer than IE. If you do regular spyware scans, just wait till you run your first after running Firefox for a month or so, instead of IE. I went from 400+ pieces of spyware to almost none when I switched.

I already have Firefox, and I use it for a couple things (NFL website), but for the majority of my internet stuff I use Maxthon. Based off IE, but SO much better. It has tabs, and is much safer. I love it, even more than Firefox. I haven’t had any problems using Ravelry with it.

I’ve logged into Ravelry using IE6 before and haven’t noticed any real issues, however I haven’t really spent a lot of time on Ravelry using that browser. Firefox is my primary browser at home, but we have IE for those few websites left that don’t like Firefox. I hate IE and will never go back (except for work, since I have no other choice).

I had to get a new computer at work right after I first started at my new job, and he asked what programs I needed. I said, “Everything that’s on there, and Firefox.” :teehee:

I love it. I absolutely loathe IE. IE7 is a little better functionality-wise than IE6, but it’s UGLY.

If you’re using Firefox, install the IE Tab add-on. If you run across a webpage that doesn’t load well in FF, click one button to load it in IE INSIDE your Firefox browser!

You can thank me later. :slight_smile:

I have to use IE6 at work, and there really is a difference.

In Firefox, when you put your mouse over “My Notebook” the little menu drops down. Not in IE.
When browsing the forums, there’s a bar at the bottom of the screen; in Firefox, it stays where you can see it at all times and easily click to reply, move to the next topic, mark read, whatever. In IE, its at the very bottom so you have to scroll all the way down to see it.

Things just aren’t nearly as snappy in IE as they are in Firefox. Pages/images take longer to load, etc.

Go with Firefox. :thumbsup:


Don’t go to IE7. It is bad. Mason is right. I use to have downloads every so often that wre SUPPOSE to help out you computer. Sort of UP DATE the other programs you have, Well, they tried to put IE7 on my computer. It REALLY MESSED it up. I got IE6 back. Thank Heaven’s!!![/B]

well they already answered ur questions…
I just had to add that IE seems to crash way more…do wierd things with certain stuff(very detailed i kno…hehe)

just don’t use it…take it from a software engineering student! lol

ArtLady, I was wondering the same thing and after reading the responses to your question, I went ahead and downloaded it - smooth and easy! Have all my bookmarks and favorites (coming off of IE7). Looks good and Ravelry is working mush smoother for me now…

Just thought I’d offer this as further “reassurance” :wink:

[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=5]A great big ole HUG :hug: to all of you who helped the ArtLady through her growing pains![/SIZE][/COLOR]
[B] Happily, I did a lot of computer housekeeping that I have been meaning to do!

  1. I uninstalled Norton Antivirus Internet “Security”
  2. I installed Trend’s PC-Cillin Internet Security Suite 2007.
  3. I downloaded FIREFOX as my default internet browser, and transferred my FAVORITES to Firefox!
  4. I uninstalled Webroot SpySweeper. It is a complete nuisance and is intrusive all the time. It interjects its updates whenever it wants…and then nothing I am trying to do will work right or efficiently. I have to wait for it to get done. Well, I have had it with SpySweeper.

I have the free version of Lavasoft Ad-Aware which I can run when I want and get updates when I want.
I have the pay version of Sunbelt’s CounterSpy, which has been getting rave reviews. It is not loaded, but I might do it later.

Trends PC-cillin has a very efficient spyware program included, so maybe that will be enough.

'sides…all of you have been saying I won’t pick up as much ‘dirt’ in the form of spyware now that I am onboard the FIREFOX train!

Can I ask one more HUGE dumb question: :shrug:
[COLOR=Blue]Do y’all remove COOKIES at the end of a spyware[/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]scan…or do ya leave 'em be??? [/COLOR]I have been removing everything the scan dredges up…but…there is one website I visit every Thurs eve and I have to get a new password every Thurs eve. That website will not hold onto my identity (password) from week to week. I assume it is because I have tossed all the COOKIES out with the bath water! I don’t know what cookie is hers or I would tell the program to leave it alone.

Thanks again KH’ers! :waving:[/B]

well…I’d say just leave all the cookies there…sure there could be stuff planted there to get info from you…but most of it are things that would make surfing the intraweb easier for u!

I’ll let you know if i found out a way to just leave the cookies from the website alone

Here’s another endorsement for Firefox! I highly recommend it for all sites. I am working night and day on a redesign for KH which should be unveiled next month in time for the new season. There are a lot of technological improvements (web 2.0 features) in the new design which Firefox handles beautifully. IE, however, has me pulling my hair out with problem after problem. Nothing too major, just quirky behaviors that require extra coding to remedy. So the more people using Firefox the better.

Currently about 27% of our visitors use Firefox, and 65% use Internet Explorer and the rest Safari, Opera, etc. Hopefully after this thread the IE percentage will plummet! :happydance:

I delete everything that my spyware finds. I use Ad Aware, too. For anti virus I use Nod32. And of course I use Firefox. I never even open IE unless I absolutely have to. :wink:

I use Firefox because my husband tells me too. We don’t ever use “Internet Exploder”.
My secrurity is through our internal server and I don’t know how it works, other than my husband says it’s secure. So I’m not bothered by any security systems with in my lap top. It’s very confusing and complex to me so that’s the best I can tell you. Since my husband manages all this for me there is lots of computer stuff I just don’t quite know how to manage. If he dies I’m in trouble!