Ravelry Pattern Sellers, Please Advise

My doggie diaper (PupPee) is going to be for sale on Ravelry, with 100% of proceeds going to a 501©3 puppymill rescue I work with.

Ravelry told me it takes about 2 weeks to get set up with a store. Which is OK, I understand. They also told me I could instead just have a blog pay link or Etsy shop link instead.

Any recommendations on what’s best? What would take LESS money from the sale of the pattern so that more of it will go to rescue?

I think Etsy takes less than Paypal. I don’t know what percentage Ravelry would take, I didn’t see that info on their designer’s Wiki page.

I thought $4.99 wouldn’t be too much to ask. Any recommendations on ANY of this would be greatly appreciated!