Ravelry link

hello everyone! :slight_smile:

How do you get that button for Ravelry to link to your Ravelry profile? I searched on Ravelry but couldn’t find anything.


It’s a KH thing, not ravelry. Let me see if I can figure out where it is.

I saved one of these Ravelry buttons to my computer and then used my Ravelry page as the link attached to it.

BTW… the KH sig linker page no longer works so you’ll have to do it this way.

Thank you Jan, I wasn’t able to come up with it in a search of past messages.

"<A HREF=“http://www.ravelry.com/people/yourusernamehere”><IMG SRC="http://badges.ravelry.com/rectangle_32.pngf"></A>"

Can paste the above code in your signature box in user settings.

Where I put yourusernamehere…that means your username from ravelry.

Like mine for example:

You can copy and paste everything [B]between the quotations[/B] then just fill in your own username. Make sure the quotations at the beginning and end [B]is not[/B] there.

Also, if you want a different picture you can find different ones here http://www.ravelry.com/wiki/pages/Ravelry-inspiredworks. Just replace the one I have in code with the one you want.

Hope this helps!