Ravelry humor

This made me laught so I did a screen cap and posted it for your amusement.

That is cute. Poor thing though!

Since the group was only created today why not give it a chance before getting snarky?

Let’s please not call other people snarky on here.

So it is okay to make fun of someone who has created a group for homespun - and it’s okay to make fun of a person for only having a single person in their group - but it’s uncouth to call rude behavior rude behavior?

pointing out rude behavior should probably be done in a PM.

It’s well known that a lot of people do not like Lion Brand Homespun. The creator of the group apparently knows that too, otherwise why create a group stating that there is a place for this yarn?

The screencap is humorous, even if it was short lived. As of right now, the group already has 10 members.

I don’t think Chel was purposely making fun of the group’s creator, only pointing out the irony of what she saw at the time.

It’s often difficult to judge intent through the screen, but I don’t believe the person shared the graphic was trying to be “snarky”…just funny and ironic given the Ravelry group was just started today. Just try to keep in mind that most people are not trying to be harmful and it can be so hard to tell what people really mean through typing alone! :grphug:

I don’t want to start anything, I am sure Chel did not mean it in a mean way.

She has consistently been nice on this board, from what I have seen.

I think we can all just try and be nice to the people on this board.

Chel, I thought it was funny!

No one was making fun of anything, I like homespun and use it but I know lots of people don’t. Make fun of it all you want! It’s not like I make it or own the company or something. It was meant in a nice way, not mean natured or spiteful.

Just breathe and relax.

I second that, Becca.

Besides, it gave me a laugh as well.

We shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. Even if it does involve YARN. :teehee:


What is Homespun? :??

It’s a yarn by Lion Brand. It’s a super soft, squishy yarn that feels great, but when knitting with it, it splits like the dickens and is almost impossible to work with on anything smaller than a size 9. It also can’t be blocked and loses it’s shape easily due to it’s softness.

Soft and squishy…hmmm…shame I can’t buy a massive tub full to sleep on…now that would be a nice bed for a knitter…:sleepy:

Hi guys!

First of all, I’ll fully admit to having a bit of a sarcastic sense of humor. Sarcastic, not malicious. Since the thread took an overly serious turn, I’ll follow suit.

Obviously, there are people who appreciate Homespun. If not, Lion Brand would have ceased production of that line a long time ago.

I posted the screen cap in jest, knowing the many long discussions we have had here questioning the value of this product as well as recounting our personal experiences with it. Notice, I said it. It. As in Homespun.

For reference see threads in the General Discussion forum such as;

I thought it ironic that Homespun was portrayed as having only one fan. Tongue in cheek, I saved the image and posted it here.

My most sincere apologies to anyone who took this personally.

Now, all serious tones aside… Noooo I better not go there. :teehee:

Thanks to all who saw the joke for what it was. :grphug:

I love homespun and I thought it was very funny. I’m allergic to animal fibers so when I want something soft and cushey it’s my “go to” yarn. AND… it IS a big pita to work with.

Hi Chel ,

It did not offend me . I knew it was in jest and even if it was not . We are all entitled to our opinion. While some may disagree others will agree.That is all part of life in general.

I am sure Homespun love the publicity nonetheless :slight_smile:

Well the homespun group is up to 19 members now.

But the Fun Fur Anonymous group has only 9 members since July 21st.

Gotta join the fun fur one!