Ravelry Friends

Whew! I just got through the first 10 pages on the “official Ravelry friends” thread. I’ve been a member for quite a while but only used it to browse projects and patterns. I’ve decided this year to use it to help keep track of my own stuff, so thought I may as well do the friend thing too.

Question though - how do you get that little Ravelry button in your siggy?

BTW, I’m wktroupe on there. Here’s a link if you’d like to add me to your friends:


I too haven’t used it for much more than looking at patterns and yarn. I did enter a few things but that was it. I should get up to date. I am sueincanada there also.

Here’s the thread where I asked the same question a while back:


Thank Marria! I tried it, so let’s see if it worked!

ETA - ok, well I’ve got the button, but can’t figure out how to link it … let me try again.

YAAAAHHHHH! It worked! Thanks a bunch!

It is a trip going through some of the longer posts!

It is almost easier to start a new one some times smiles

Either way…I am Crycket on ravelry too! See ya there!