Ravelry down?

Anybody having trouble with Ravelry today? I keep getting “Application Error” when I try to go there.:??

You guys broke it…

i get errors too. randomly. some pages won’t load, and then they will…:shrug:

Looks okay to me on the few pages I clicked, but remember they working on it constantly. It’s bound to have some issues from time to time. :wink:

It’s all that yarn pr0n…shame on us

took me few tries to get in. some pages don’t load for me.

I clicked around for a few minutes…no problems here.

I’ve been browsing it all day…haven’t came across a problem yet

Crud! This means that they will probably slow down on letting new folks in. sigh I will never get in. (I was getting some hope, too, since I am int eh 8,000’s now!)

My problem only lasted a few minutes. I’ve been playing with pictures, yarn and FOs all day.