Ravelry Connection Issue

K Am I the only one today that is having problems connecting to Ravelry???
I was right in the middle of replying to a pm when it froze up on me. I closed the window and tried to get back on but dang it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore:noway: .

Has anyone else experienced any problems today???:think:

It’s been working fine for me all day today.

It must be an IE problem because I just was able to pop right in with firefox. HMMMMM!!!:think:

I use IE and it freezes up on me all the time…:teehee:

LOL Dustina,
The only thing I don’t like about firefox is that my mouse isn’t near as responsive as on IE. Hmmmm wonder why that is?

I have Firefox, and I did have a problem about an hour ago.

I was trying to load the main page and got a connection error problem. I just figured Ravelry was having an issue, and I waited about half an hour and tried again – no problem.

I guess stuff like this happens once in a while, don’t worry.

Dang that’s about when I got bumped off in IE.

I can’t sign into ravelry. It used to work fine, but for the last couple of days I cannot get beyond the homepage. I tried both IE & Firefox on my laptop & PC. It seems to get stuck at “transferring data from styl1.ravelry.com”. I cannot get into a link to contact ravelry either. Any suggestions how to solve the problem?

hummmm…I’lm in ravelry right now w/IE - no problems

Have you tried rebooting your computer? Sometimes I get weird things going on – slow loading, etc. – and if I restart my computer everything runs fine.

You might also try clearing out your cache and your cookies. That seems to be the standard suggestion I’ve seen on Ravelry when people are having trouble.

Good luck! I can’t imagine not being able to access Ravelry!

Thank you for your advice, but I am having this problem for a week now. Deleting the history doesn’t help I’m afraid. Sigh!