Ravelry button

This is probably not actually the best place to post this, but I wasn’t sure where else to put it, so moderators, please move to where you think is appropriate!

I have noticed that alot of people on the forums have a button linking to their Ravelry pages. How do you make one of those? Thanks

They cost a hundred bucks.

Ah…well then, I guess I won’t be having a button for awhile. Thanks for the information.


Here are the Ravelry buttons. Smaller is better. Save the button to your own computer and then upload it or embed into your signature through your USER SETTINGS. To link it just put the picture in and then click it so it’s ‘highlighted’ then click the link icon and add the link.

If you need more help reply again.

OK–so that was a joke? Shows how gullible I am. :rofl: Oh well. Thanks Jan!

You’re welcome! Seems Cyanmar is in a goofy mood. :teehee:

Me? Goofy?

Well, at least Cyndi didn’t try to COLLECT the hundred bucks!