Ravelry BLOCKED!

ACK! My work has finally caught on to Ravelry apparently and blocked it. (they freakin’ block everything it seems except this site and you tube!) Don’t even try to understand why you tube isn’t blocked…lol.

Wondering how long it will be before they catch on to this site and block it too. sigh

Why would they block Ravelry? That’s weird. It’s full of fiber people. And you know what a dangerous sort we are!

Oh no! That bites!

It’s probably labeled a `social’ site, like myspace, which is blocked at my work. Not that we’re supposed to be looking at anything not work related… :whistle:

My dh is the system administrator for his company. They only have a handful of truly blocked sites. But he gets messages when someone visits “various” websites. They have a gal there who does Passion Parties and goes online to check her orders and such. He gets an e-mail for each of those. They realize that people need breaks from the daily grind and as long as it isn’t obsessive they don’t squabble. Maybe they saw how many hours you were spending at Ravelry! LOL!

We are dangerous…we have lots of pointy sticks and stuff.

That sucks that they blocked you at work. Makes no sense why they’d block Ravelry and not You Tube.

lol they block ESPN even. anything sports related at all. i don’t spend THAT much time on ravelry btw…lol. but yes that was my first thought too… :teehee:

speaking of passion parties, when i was in Louisiana they called them “fun parties.” I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about and why they were specifying that they were “FUN” parties. of course people want to come to a fun party…sheesh… who wants to go to a party they KNOW is gonna be lame? :?? :doh:

and the girl who was hosting all the “Fun parties” used to sell her stuff out of the trunk of her car. I strongly suggested she stop since it could be considered offensive and that HR would HAVE to fire her if they caught wind. What did i find out? you betcha… the women in HR were her best customers. oy!

My company blocked it as of a few days ago too :frowning:

OH NO!! I am soo sorry!!

well i was hoping that there was something on the page that i had saved that was causing it to be blocked. ya know, one of those key words that triggers the blocking software. Nah… still blocked. oooooooooh well… sigh

hehe (it sounds so “woe is me”)


I hope they don’t find KH!! :teehee:

Hee, this is where being the network admin comes in handy :twisted:

Seriously…we have quite a few knitters in the office and if I see that knitting sites have been blocked in error (like the Knitty pattern “hardcore” LOL) I always go in and manually remove them from the blocking list. :thumbsup:

Ack!! My work are bad for blocking sites too, it really sucks :frowning: