Ravelry annoyance

So I just got on Ravelry because I wanted to be able to compare patterns and yarns and all that good stuff…

but it doesn’t really help when no one has pictures of their FO’s or links to the pattern. I know that some patterns are in books, so can’t be put online but what about a pic or a description of that project?

That’s what I like so much about the FO forum here, I can decide whether I like the final product!

Sorry, just a rant! But I do love that you can put the “add to ravelry queue” on your toolbar and just drag patterns there. That’s seriously cool!


Wow, you must have hit a stretch of bad luck! Most every pattern I’ve wanted to see has had at least a few pics on Ravelry. After searching the pattern name, are you clicking the link to the right, in the “About this Pattern” box, where it shows others who’ve done it? The link will say something like “156 projects”.

Yeah, I see tons of pictures and very few without. Maybe it depends on which pattern it is and how many have knit it.

The pattern designers or source usually has a page with pictures and you can select them and see what others did.

What pattern are you looking for?

The problem with pictures on Ravelry is that they currently only support Flikr. For those of us who have our pictures hosted somewhere else, moving them to Flikr is a PITB.

When you’re browsing patterns, you can select to only show patterns with pictures.

Nope, they do allow others now. I use Smugmug, but I don’t know what others they have. The thing it uses is “image slurper”. Scroll down and read post #32.


Casey will let you post your photos from your computer if you email him at [U][COLOR=#000000]beta-phototest@ravelry.com[/COLOR][/U]