Ravelry and Photos!

Update…finally got my invite!!! Had to have ravelry re-send the invite a few times to my Hotmail and it finally came in today!!!

:woohoo: :muah: :woot: :cheering: :happydance: :woohoo:

…now I’m updating my profile and I wanted to upload photos from my computer. It says I have to use Flickr??? I do not have a yahoo or a flickr account…sigh, I am so lazy and don’t want to do that…do I have to??

P.S. same user name on Ravelry…KnittinTexas…my profile is kinda boring right now.

You can’t upload from your computer because it would add to their bandwidth if they have to host the photos. If you want a free site you’ll have to use Flikr. I know they are in testing for other places, but once you get the hang of Flikr it’s not so bad. :wink:

and once you get set up with flicker and go in to add a project to Ravelry it will pop the flicker page in the bottom of the project edit page and allow you to drag and drop. Did that make sense?

:?? I use Flickr and don’t have any problems with my project pics. However, I am having trouble with uploading my profile pic. I resized it to exactly 100x100 pixels as required, but I keep getting an error message saying it doesn’t like my file extension JPEG.
[B]So, here’s my question: how can I convert my image files from JPEG to JPG (or any of the other suggested extensions)?[/B] All my pictures are JPEG. I only need to do this for one picture, so I don’t want to have to purchase any software to do this.

Hi Jackie, you can just open the folder your pic is in and right click on the image and select rename.
eg: Jackie.jpeg change it too Jackie.jpg and then click it again. It might say something like, “if you change a file extension it may become unstable etc,”. Ignore that. :slight_smile:
Just make sure to put in the period and the new extension! If you don’t, Windows will remind you. No worries.
There are often times you need to change an extension, don’t be intimidated by it and you don’t need any special software. :slight_smile:
I hope this helps.

Yay, my profile pic uploaded!:happydance:
New problem: I followed directions (from help group on Ravelry) on how to put a Ravelry button on my blog. When I viewed my blog, I saw an “X” where the Ravelry button is. The link to my profile is good when you scroll over it, but the button I downloaded from Ravelry to my Desktop then uploaded to Flickr to get a URL [COLOR=magenta]won’t display the image[/COLOR]. Suggestions? (Note: the button works on Flickr photo page.)