Rave for an online shop

I ordered some Dale of Norway Baby Ull yarn from www.Kidsknits.com about 2 weeks ago. Mary Ann (the owner) checked her stock and didn’t have 5 balls of the same lot for me. She gave me the option of taking what she had or she would place an order with her supplier. Since it’s for one project, I opted to wait. She kept me informed every step of the way until today when she let me know that my package has been shipped. She sent it via Priority Mail for me, AND included an extra ball of yarn as a gift! So I can make some matching booties and a hat! :heart:

This was the first time I had done business with kidsknits.com, and she truely treated me like an old friend instead of a stranger. She even sent good wishes for my new nephew, the soon to be recipient of my handknit baby sweater. If you need some Dale of Norway yarns, kidsknits.com is a great online shop. :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: YAY for good service!! I plan on my 1st sweater after Christmas and it will be an infant one & I will keep this store in mind. Good service means the world and all to me!! Thank you, Silver

:cheering: :cheering: Don’t you just love great service. :cheering: :cheering:

My DH has a Dale of Norway hat and loves it! I didn’t know that you could buy their yarn too. After reading this I’m definitely shopping there for his xmas presents on my project list!

Thanks for passing that along.

Sil, you should send her an email thanking her again, and letting her know that you told all of your knitting frined (all 1000 of us!) about it. She might send you soemthing ELSE for free :slight_smile:

I ALMOST spent about $100 there just now, but even though I gave them my card info, they wanted it to go through Pay Pal. My husband has a Pay Pal account and I don’t know his password. Since we have the same e-mail, it was a no go.

They had a lovely book I wanted, and I put all that nice yarn in my cart. I really don’t like sites that only take Pay Pal.

On the other hand, I really don’t need any more yarn or patterns.

Unfortunately, Knit Picks took my Master Card for the $167 I just spent there. :oops:

I guess in the end I was saved by Pay Pal. I’ll have to get that password! It’s not a secret, but I’m home alone, spending money on things I don’t need.

Oh, I told her before I even posted it. Not with the intention of getting something out of it, of course, but now that you mention it, it would be super cool! :mrgreen:

Awww… bummer! I do like PayPal… I do almost all my online shopping with it since most of my graphic clients pay me through PayPal. But, it is unfortunate when you can’t buy something because they can’t take any other payments. :frowning:

Love DoN yarn! Thanks for the link!! THis is great sock yarn too. Love the baby patterns and stuff. And the kits are very resonably priced!! See this is good. THis is the way shopping was meant to be, word of mouth, good service, Sigh, why can’t all the yarn stores be like that… :pray:

Oooh what did you get?

Oooh what did you get?[/quote]

Books. And some more books. I just picked what I wanted. I was feeling a little blue. I really have to find a better way to cheer myself up!

Once I get them, I will definitely get what yarn I can from KnitPicks, though, they’re prices are really good and with all the good props from here, I have no qualms.

I was looking for size 10 24" circulars. Couldn’t find any 24" at Joann or Michael’s. Cheapest I could find at LYS was 14.95.

I found this site: www.purplekittyyarns.com.
They had Susan Bates 24" circ in all sizes for less than $6, and the shipping for 2 needles (I decided I needed size 7 too) was only $2.25.

I had the needles in hand 48 hrs after I placed the order. :cheering:

Very reasonable and good service!