Rat's Nest

So I got to a certain place in my skein and the entire insides of the skein came out in one big knotted mess! :wall: ARGH! I’m using Bernat Satin Sport. Anyone else have this problem Bernat Satin Sport? What should I do. I’ve been trying to unravel the knots, but am getting nowhere. Any tips or tricks for this kind of thing? Thanks in advance! :waah:

Oh - here’s the knotted rat’s nest:

ewww KPG. We call that “yarfing” and I have it happen every now and them will all different brands of yarn. I normally find the end I’m not knitting with and wind it into a new ball. This does take away from the knittng but at least I dont have that mess to deal with.

This is exactly why I knit with the Outside End of a skein, unrolling the yarn from the outside-in. This way you don’t get the end-of-the-skein tangle that is almost inevitable.

And you don’t get those awful “yarfs” either.

In 50 years of knitting, it took me like 35 years of yarfs and tangled rat’s-nests to come to this outside-in conclusion. :doh: Problem solved.
Hope this helps,

I don’t like knitting from the outside of the skein so I occasionally have this happen, too. I call it ‘yarn barf’. :teehee: It’s annoying, but can happen with any yarn, it’s not specific to Bernat.

I always enlist the aid of my DH to unknot the mess, but it’s not that hard just time consuming. Just make sure your work on the needles isn’t going to fall off first. Then find the end and start unknotting it. I usually go someplace like the living room and start stretching it out on the carpet as I go. When I get it out or at least pretty long I start winding it into a ball. Once that’s done you’re good for the rest of that skein. :thumbsup:

I FINALLY found the opposite end and started working from there… 1 hour later and I finally have it all untangled.

When I pull the inside of the ball, I try to find the outside string aswell. I then pull the outside string, giving me enough slack to wrap it around the ball about 3 or 4 times. That way the two ends never meet!

Hi! :waving:

Wow, do you have my sympathy! I’ve had the same thing happen on all types of brands and it’s a pain in the nether regions for sure!

What I do now, if the tip end of the center yarn isn’t immediately visible (What can these yarn companies be THINKING!) I go rooting around in the middle and start gently pulling and separating the yarn a bit. Sometimes I have to pull a bit out and root through it to find the end of the yarn, but if you get in there right in the middle you’ll likely be able to pull out a small clump rather than the whole magilla.

Hope this helps!


I had this happen to me with Bernat Satin a few days ago (made my own thread about it as well)

Mine was twisted/knotted so badly, I had to cut the yarn. Ended up losing 1/3 of the ball. Sent an email to Bernat and haven’t heard anything back yet (not that I’m expecting to)

I’m glad you were able to untangle that.

From now on, my yarn is in a baggie (the medium sized ziplock freezer bags are fantastic for this), and I’m knitting using the outside - in method. :slight_smile:

Funny, as I just had that happen to me with Bernat Satin- on 2 skeins. One I could untangle, but the second I just cut off the tangled part and tossed.

I had that happen to me last night as well, although I wasn’t using Bernat. Took me an hour to untangle it. :frowning:

Glad you got it all worked out! :slight_smile:

i’ve had that happen as well. drives you nutty dosent it.

never even used that brand of yarn so nope.

glad you got it sorted out though

I’ve had my yarn get knotted and tangled so many times that I just unwind the skein whenever I start a new one and wind it in a ball myself.

Of all the time I spend knitting (every single day without fail) and for the most part pulling the yarn out of the center, I can say that most of the time horrible tangles are not a problem for me.

However, there are times when I’ve wound my own center-pull ball when I’ve had a lot of trouble with the two ends getting twisted around each other. It’s so bad that I’ll have to stop, find the outside end, and wind the yarn back onto my swift to undo the mess – and this takes forever.

I’m not sure why it happens, but I always felt it was my fault and that I was doing the center-pull ball wrong (I learned from Amy’s video here on KH!) until recently when the exact same thing happened to me with a store-bought center-pull ball!

That’s when I just have to put the knitting down and back away slowly . . .