Rat Scarf

A little preamble to this project. I have a 7 year old grandson who knows that I have a thing about any kind of rodents. It has been a teasing joke between us since he was old enough to understand. He buys me mice and rat ceramics, cards, wrapping paper, anything that has rodents on it or whatever. I play along with it even when a particular thing doesn’t give me the creeps and thought it would be fun to knit him up a rat scarf for Christmas so here it is. I imagine he will be chasing me around the house with it at Christmas. It is the first thing I have done since getting out of the hospital and I now feel pretty well and am going back to knitting full force. Thanks for looking. Oh and it is a pattern from Morehouse Merino.

that is very cute and I am sure he will really enjoy it!

That is just so darn cute (if rats can be cute)! I’m sure he will just love it.

Great job! I was looking at this pattern the other day- it’s adorable!

I love the eyes!! You did a great and he is going to love it :happydance:

The pattern is super easy and knits up fast!

Eeeeee! What a great boy scarf!

It is great. I am sure you are going to have so much fun with it lol :slight_smile:

[CENTER]That is so CUTE!
I wish I could be there when he opens this present! So funny![/CENTER]

Aw, how sweet of you to knit that for him. He’s seven? He’ll love it. Boys that age are so much fun.

This is cute! I’m sure he will have alot of fun with it.

Did you create that pattern? If so write it up and submit it to KPC or somewhere. That is too cute!! He’s going to cherish that scarf for years to come!

No, Jan it is a Morehouse Merino like their Alligator scarves.


That’s really cute…and it just creeps me out a bit, but in a good way. :thud:

Oh my goodness…they certainly do have a lot of cute stuff! I’ve never looked before! :thumbsup:


Omygosh, my 3 boys would LOVE this!!

Great job, it will be a BIG hit, no doubt!!!:thumbsup::mrgreen::teehee:

Well, now I’ll have to get both the alligator [I]and[/I]the rat patterns! You did a great job!:slight_smile:

He’ll get a REAL KICK out of it I’m sure and yes, I would expect that you’ll be getting chased around with it to creep you out, as though having to knit those little rats didn’t already. Rats… yuck. BUT the scarf IF very cute for a little boy with a thing for rodents. LOL. You did a great job on this! ALMOST makes me think rats are cute…almost.

that’s cute!