Rasta Hat...hmmmm

I made the Rasta Hat from Knitty Gritty. I do NOT have dreadlocks, but I thought it was a cute hat and would look fine without them. It’s way too huge (ie to hold dreadlocks in the hat). I don’t know anyone with dreadlocks either.

So, do I rip the whole thing out and reuse the yarn? Or what do you do when a project turns out different than expected?

Maybe you could post a picture so we could come up with more suggestions? I say either make another (smaller) one, or turn it upside down, add handles, and make a drawstring bag. If you use it as a bag you could grow some dreadlocks, then you’d have a hat all ready!:wink:

That’s a shame…It looks like so much work goes into that hat!

Would a light felting be an option to reduce the size?

Well if you used wool I would try felting but have to say I like the turn it into a bag idea too!

Pics not showing.:shrug:

Dream, here is the original pattern from Knitty Gritty.



It’s really cute…I hope you work your pattern out Katrs5!