Rant: I hate DirectTV

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]Sorry for the rant but I’m so annoyed right now.:grrr: I have DirectTV at my apartment, and let me tell you I’ve had nothing but problems (it goes out every time it rains) and horrible customer service with them. [/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]When my roommate had moved back to South Carolina in Jan. it was changed from her name to my name. Come to find out we were put into a 2 year contract because they gave us a DVR box. This is a problem because my roommates and I knew all along that we were only going to be living in the apt. for a year (for various reasons, one was only in school for a year, I was planning on moving in with a friend, etc.). My lease is up on Aug. 15th, and the new people are moving into our apt. Sept. 1. I called DirectTV to see if I could somehow get out of the two year contract but they said there was nothing they could do and that I’d have to pay $12.50 for every month early that I’d want to cancel it which comes out to $162.50. Ok fine. The girl did say though that if I wanted to change the account into the person’s name that is moving into the apt. that I could do that (just like how my roommate changed it to my name when she left). I talked to more than one person and they all told me that all we have to do is have both of us on the phone together to give our info and verify that the account is being changed over. [/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]So I call up while I’m at work today so I can do a conference call with the girl who will be moving into my apt. I get to someone and she says, no we can’t do this for you. So I ask to speak to her supervisor and she says “fine I’ll transfer you to her but she’s gonna tell you the same thing”. Whatever. I get to the supervisor and she tells me that in to way are they supposed to do this. I proceed to tell her that it was changed over into my name back in Jan. and she tells me that whoever did it wasn’t supposed to. “So then I shouldn’t be held to a contract if you illegally changed it into my name then should I?” I ask her. She says “but you are responsible”. How can I be responsible for something that was changed illegally against your company’s rules and procedures?!?! She keeps going in circles and repeating herself that I’m responsible and that she won’t change the account. I finally asked her to speak to her supervisor and she says he’s not there. So I ask his name and she tells me Leonard, but says she can’t give me his last name. Fine. I ask her for Leonard’s phone number and she won’t give it to me!! Arrgggg!!! Then she says “have I answered all your questions today ma’am?” I tell her, no you didn’t and she says “thank you for calling DirectTV, have a good day”. :hair: [/FONT][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]I’m beyond pissed right now simply because I was told by at least two people when I was on the phone with DirectTV that this could be changed over. And if it can’t, they never should’ve put it in my name!!! I just have to tell you all if anyone is ever thinking about getting DirectTV, DON’T!! They have been nothing but trouble for me for the past year. :!!!: [/FONT][/FONT]

Great, just when I was planning on getting out of Time Warner Cable and go to DirectTV - it would be part of a phone package. The prices for Time Warner Cable are ridiculous - I am paying aprox $55 for basic cable.

You said that it goes out whenever it rains? Do you have the dish placed on your roof or on the side of your house? Would it matter where you placed the dish?


The dish is on the side of the apt. building (that’s where the person from DirectTV put it). It almost always goes out when it rains really hard and sometimes when it snows too. Also, I was paying $70/month for it and I don’t even have premium channels like HBO! I’d suggest checking out Complaints Board when looking into any kind of services, people write their experience are with it. Unfortunatly it was DirectTV in my building or nothing, we wern’t allowed to get cable:shrug:

We were with Direct and had very similar problems. We called to cancel at the end of our contract and were told our contract period would expire on March 17th, so DH asked that they go ahead and cancel it on March 18th. The guy said no problem. Then, we get a bill in the mail for $150 for canceling early. Supposedly, the contract wasn’t up until March 20th (or something like that - it’s been a couple of years ago). Any way, thus began the customer service circus. We were eventually told to call back at such and such time and speak to supervisor # 25. Then, when we called back, the person we spoke to said they don’t have supervisor numbers. That was the last straw. I had all the information documented, and I filed a claim with our local Attorney General’s office. They had the issue resolved in about 3 weeks. We got a nice letter from the company saying there was a zero balance on our account.

You should look on-line for your state’s AG’s office and see if they address consumer complaints. It has worked wonderfully here. (It may be helpful to mention to Direct that you will be filing a complaint - the issue might just get resolved.)

Good luck - I hate dealing with things like this!!:eyes:

we love Direct TV, but we live in a single family home which may be different? Cable was 100% worse. Direct TV for us only goes out if there are really really really bad rainstorms. (only a few times a year.) plus, they are the only ones here with the NFL package where you can watch any game!

Sorry you had such a bad experience. We had awful, unspeakable problems with Comcast. We are so much happier now…

We switched to DishNetwork cause our cable was irritating me.

With cable, we paid over 110 a month for net and cable…no HBO.

Now we pay 45 for Dish, and 45 for internet. And theres HBO, and all my beloved Astros games.

Sorry your sitch is so awful. Ive been there…its such a pain.

If you file a complaint, make sure you tell them that the account was illegally changed to your name a year ago, even though they said it was OK.

I agree with marykz… same here. We love our Directv. We switched from cable to Dish Network, then to Directv. And we’ve ever had a better signal or better customer service before. I will NEVER go back to cable, and Dish network would have to offer an unbeatable deal to pull us away from Directv.

Just curious Kaydee, since you’re moving, why don’t you just move your service with you? You can finish out the year, then go with someone else?

I agree! DirecTV is a pain in the booty! We have always had cable before and when we moved into our apt. they only offered DirecTV. The channel list is crazy, we don’t have anything good, we had more channels on regular cable then we have here. We havn’t had issues with their customer service, but then again, we’ve only been a customer for 2 months now. I would switch back to cable if I could.

DH suggested to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC. Also, mentioning to the company that you will be filing a complaint also may help.

Best of luck with this mess! Let me know how it turns out!

I think I’ll stick with my cable. I had a representative call me about direct tv and I had a good laugh. I pay $90 a month for cable + cinemax for 5 t.v’s and internet service for 4 computers. He thought his deal was much better because at $130 a month, for the first 3 months, we got all the HBO channels free, but it only included recievers for 4 televisions AND the internet was faster. I reminded him that I had 5 t.v.'s and he suggested that one of us could go without?! I asked him if he wanted to come over and decide which one of us it would be…

I’m definitely going to try this, thanks for the suggestion.

Silver, I would take it with me just to not have the hassle of canceling the service but I’m moving into an apt with a friend who has already been living there for the past year and has a cable contract.

You are welcome for the suggestion - please keep us posted on the outcome :hug:

Ironically enough, if you were able to identify everything on the account (name, address, etc.) then DirecTV should’ve changed the name on the account, or at the very least added a name. Even by their own rules they should be able to change it. I did work for them for a time, and that’s how I was shown to do it.

Well I may have to try again then, maybe I just wasn’t talking to the right person.:shrug:

I feel your pain, Katie, but not with DirecTV. (I actually love my DirecTV.) But I went through the same kind of bull%$#% with Verizon when we moved to our new house a month ago…I have been on the phone with them more than 7 times trying to clear up THEIR mistakes. First they neglected to tell me that I couldn’t transfer my DSL from my old house since they didn’t offer it in my new neighborhood, I had to find out three weeks after we moved in and I called to say “where’s my DSL?” I had to sign up for FiOS which is more expensive. Then they somehow lost my voicemail when they turned on my new phone, even though it comes in a package with Caller ID and Call Waiting. How do you just delete one service like that??? And then finally, they changed the time and date of my FiOS installation without telling me, and it was a good thing I called in to confirm it cause when they told me what the computer was saying, I pitched a fit and told them they were complete idiots. They rescheduled me on a weekend right away. :slight_smile: On top of all of that, I’ve been asking them for a year to change my name to my married name and it’s still showing up in my maiden name, even after every time I call the person on the other end says they’ve changed it in the computer.

I was SO miffed that I wrote to our local news station for possible inclusion in one of their segments where they help local citizens get problems resolved. They didn’t choose me but I was also tempted to notify the FAA and BBB.

Customer service in this day and age is non-existent.

That stinks! I love my DirecTV too, but I had a similar mess when we were with Dish Network. I really, really hope you just got someone who’s a pain last call, and that someone else can resolve it for you. I’d suggest sending a diplomatic but strongly-worded letter, too. I did that with Dish, and they finally got my situation resolved. :shrug: