Rant: Hanks are EVIL!

I am SOOOO Frustrated with this hank that I got from a garage sale. I’m about to just break down and cry. :mad:

It looked innocent enough! Until I tried to wind it into a ball, then it tangled itself and the more I tried to untangle it the more it seemed to tangle! And now in a fit of vexation I’ve torn it and now all I have are scraps barely good enough for latchhook and a very small, sad blue ball that I wrang out of the hank before it became such a horrific mess.

Hanks are evil, and whoever invented them should be shot! :crying:

Hanks by themselves look nice. But you need special tools or techniques to wind them without throwing them across the room.

Some of us who use hanks a lot (and like to spend money) have yarn swifts and ballers. A swift holds the hank, and the baller rolls it into a center pull ball.

Without these tools, you can either have someone hold the hank around their hands as you roll the yarn into a ball, or find something that the opened hank will fit onto, like the end of a coffee table, a chair back, your feet. The hank has to be held stretched out as you wind. If you try to just wind it from the hank, I think you know what happens. :wink:

Oh you poor dear! Well at least you are now initiated into the world of knitting knowing. welcome! :XX: :cheering:

i use the handles on my infant carrier!!! you’ll find something!

Well I did try all kinds of things, but it kept falling off or it wouldn’t unwind smoothly - It’d get caught on something.

My first real project was with yarn that came in hanks. I had dh hold them for me. we would hit a speed bump so to speak once in a while and he’d help me untangle (he has waaaay more patience than i do-i’ve shredded a skein or two also, luckily not the “good stuff”). i suppose a length of yarn get’s twisted funny when they hank it up. do you have a lys nearby? most will wind hanks into balls for you, ours offers if you bought your hanks there, but they’ll do others if you need it. :smiley:

This is mighty uncomfortable, but I put the hank around my feet (Amy uses her knees!) and wind from there. There have been times where I tossed out a couple skeins because they were so bad. (grumblegrumbleWalMartyarngrumble)

Actually, I tried the feet thing! It still tangled up a mighty mess.

DH’s hands are the best!!!