Rant about pattern

i am knitting a feather and fan triangle shawl
and i am new to even the simplest lace dtitch
and wouldnt you know it the pattern was wrong
instead of yo knit 1
they had knit 1 yo
i must have ripped it out a million times before
i asked a friend
i do have it straightened out now
but it almost put me off this shawl

I hate it when there is a problem with the pattern and you assume the problem is with YOU.

A friend gave me a hat pattern once which was jacked up six ways till Sunday and I think a WEEK went by before I said to her, you know, is it me, or do these decreases make NO SENSE??

It wasn’t me!

i will be less quick to blame myself in the future if something seems off. I may be wrong but I won’t waste any time. :smiley:

How frustrating!! Thankfully you’ve got it figured out and you’ll be on your way.

I’m still at the point where I assume it’s me- no confindence knitter here.


A few months back I bought the Plain Vanilla Pullover pattern from KP and ordered the yarn. I finished it once and it did not fit right so I FROGGED it and did it again this time paying more attention to the instructions. I still did not like the way it fit. In the picture the shoulders looked like they hung a little off the shoulder and on mine it fit up close and the sleeves did not fit in just right. I put it away and then about 2 weeks ago I got an email from KP saying there were so many mistakes in the pattern they were allowing a free download of the corrected pattern. A lot of the mistakes were in the shoulder area and arms. When the mood strikes me I will FROG it again and hopefully I will be happy with the FO.

thanks for all your replies
one more thing about patterns
be sure that you can see the picture properly
model standing with arms crossed
what are they hidin g
side view also something wrong
my all time favorite back view
somewhere a knitting expert wrote that if cant see the
full sweater dont knit it

I got the Jack and Jill Pattern from KnitPicks and found ALOT of math errors among other things. I emailed them about it and the replied thanking me. I keep checking their Errata Page and they still haven’t included the changes. I am absolutely sure (I checked myself several times) that I am right. I feel for the people who are getting that pattern and are going to be very confused! I also ordered the Janet Lace Shawl and it called for 2 skeins of the laceweight yarn (440 yds ea.). That just didn’t seem right to me so I emailed them about that too. They did say there was a typo and that it should be 4!! How frustrating to have ordered two skeins and then have to reorder later and not get the same dye lot! I think they need to do a better job of pattern editing before they release them and expect people to pay for them!!

This is so aggravating! I was having so much trouble with a sweater from Interweave Knits that I finally broke down and signed up for a private knitting lesson to sort it out. Turns out there was a math error in the pattern. I e-mailed IK to tell them, and they said there wasn’t an error, but from their response it was clear that they were basing that off the small size when the error was for medium (which I said when I reported it).

It is amazing what a difference two little stitches can make!

I don’t know about you all though, the reason I assume the mistake is mine is because of the sheer number of mistakes I make!