Random gifting

Has anyone ever unsolicited given things away at work?

My boss was petting my angora sweater today, so I’d like to make her a scarf but I don’t want a weird reaction.

What say you?

You are worried about a weird reaction from someone who was petting your sweater?! Were you wearing it? :shock:

my boss is kind of weird. (she also doesn’t like “crafty” things, except my sweater…) but she gave me a huge xmas present and I gave her nothing, so.


OMG Brenda…I thought the same thing…

I don’t think it would be weird–you just give it to him/her (her I hope…I think…) and say “hey–you seemed to like my sweater so I thought you’d like a scarf” or something like that…

lol well I think the fact that she clearly liked your sweater so much she would probably be completely delighted by the fact that you took the time to make the scarf for her. I do like random gifting… i just don’t like anybody in my office enough to gift them…lol

I just don’t want her to think I’m weirder than I think she is, I guess. :oo: