Random Event

I just had one random thing happen to me that’s making me joke that faeries got into my yarn.

I’m knitting a hat for my niece using my flat number 5 needles and Lion Brand’s Pamela Colonial Blue yarn. I got several rows in, I think like 14 or so, and then I noticed something: my lead yarn was no longer attached to the skein… It honestly looks like it was cut, but it was inside the skein.

Course, this was also bought from the thrift store, so I suppose it was someone else and not the faeries who cut it. Still, I am left with a disconnect. Then again, this gives me a perfect chance to practice my joining technique. :shrug:

It really irritates me when I buy a spendy yarn and it has join knots that I have to untie and rejoin, or loose ends.

BTW, are you a [I]Firefly[/I] fan?

I really can’t complain about this, though, since I didn’t even pay for it. But, it was cause for a mini freak out and then I went and used the videos here to join it up. :mrgreen:

I’m not really a Firefly fan, though I’ve seen an episode or two. The icon is from Leverage, which I love. Castle is very much <3, too. :mrgreen:

And now I realize you are talking about my location. Shiny snuck into my vocabulary somehow, though the location started off as the old play on ADD… ooh, shiny! :slight_smile:

Yeh Deb, I hear you. You’d think with a 50gm/100yd ball of yarn, there wouldn’t be any extra ends.

The only good thing about seams, they give me somewhere to hide my ends.

Leverage=Good Show!

Oh…I am!

That is irritating when you are knitting with a good ball of yarn and find a join. They typically happen at inopportune spots, too.

Leverage = Awesome Show. White Collar is also really awesome. :mrgreen: I haven’t seen that much of Firefly, but it’s a cool show. Takes Space Opera to the extreme. :mrgreen:

The weird thing was that it didn’t even really look like a join spot. Though, I suppose the knot could have come out on its own. Or, I could go back to my faeries theory, they seem to like tangling up things. :eyes: