Random book question

Hi there :slight_smile:

Last night, while sitting knitting and contemplating, I had a flash of inspiration in the ‘this is one of the turning points of your life’ kind of way. It was an idea for a knitting book, but one that will probably not revolutionise anyone else’s life but will hopefully touch some people. I’ve done some looking and can’t find anything similar, so think it might be an option to go ahead with - but where on earth do I start?

Who should I approach, should I write it first or propose the idea first, how many times should I pester people before giving up, how do I get things test knitted etc? The reality of its unlikelihood is obvious to me, but I still think it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

I have no idea but I’m sure plenty of people here know…or you could write to your favorite knitting authors and ask them. And once you get going and need people to test patterns you can ask a lys that you trust if anyone is willing to volunteer…or even dedicated people here on KH.
I say go for it!!! [COLOR=“Gray”][SIZE=“1”]because we need more knitting books![/SIZE][/COLOR] :teehee:

i’ll be a tester!!!

How exciting to have a life blub moment… I would love to ask what the book is about but that would be VERY rude of me so I won’t ask… Really I won’t…:poke:

but I will say GOOD LUCK on it and can’t wait to hear update on how well it is going. :thumbsup:

You guys will be the first to know once I figure out what the issues surrounding privacy and so on are :wink: And I’d love you to test knit, and I’d be sure that you lot would find the holes in it :wink:

Eep! Got a lot of work ahead of me!
Thanks for the support :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

Sounds interesting! Good luck with it! :hug: