Ran out of yarn!

hi, i was wondering if anyone could advise me on my problem. i am at the last row of my project and need to add yarn to finish one row and then cast off. any advice would be awesome! thanks

Well, that’s a different problem than your subject line mentions… Do you need to know how to add yarn or are you asking what to do because you ran out of yarn?

If you have yarn for the project and just need to know how to start a new skein… just start knitting with the new yarn. You can weave the ends in later.

What about buying more from the store?? (or wherever you bought it originally) Or maybe you could unknit back a couple of rows and then bind off.


so if you dont know how to add the new yarn- there are videos on here that can show you what to do and how to weave in the ends

I am sorry everyone. This is my first posting ever. I am working on a dish rag and have purled to my last row. I ran out of my yarn and have another ball of it but don’t know how to add it in so that i can cast off. i did look on the site for a video but couldn’t seem to find one. i am thankfull for all your help.

Just start knitting with the new skein and then weave in the ends after bind off. :thumbsup: