Ran out of yarn when casting off

I’m a novice knitter and have been working on my first baby blanket for my new nephew. I was following the pattern but as I was casting off I realized I didn’t have enough yarn to complete the casting off process. What do I do??

You can undo the cast off row you have started and then take out your last row or two of knitting. Then cast off again and you should have enough yarn.

I’ve done that more than once… just as long it doesn’t skew how things are supposed to look. If it does, I frog a couple rows, then join more yarn. It’s a pain, but things should look right.

There is a method of casting off with a crochet hook, which is exactly for this situation. What you do is just, using the hook, pull each loop over the next, taking it off the knitting needle as you go. It really works!

I’ll mention that that will make the cast off fairly tight. When I use this, I knit the last row with a super larger needle in order to keep it loose.