Ran out of yarn for sewing up

Hi everyone. It finally happened… i had exactly enough yarn to make my baby sweater and not even a scrap left to sew it up! The sweater is made of merino wool/angora. It was kind of expensive, so I don’t want to go buy another skein just for sewing. I don’t have anything similar that matches, but I do have a 100% cotton that would look ok. I’m worried that it won’t wash the same. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

I’m no expert, but I would think you’d want to stick with a similar fiber for sewing up. Although, I guess I don’t really know what would actually happen to the cotton if you hand wash it.

The question is: Does your sewing up show on the right side?

i’m pretty sure you’re going to see it.

Cotton shrinks when washed! I would try to go with something similar to the baby outfit if you can. Good luck.

doesn’t wool shrink, too?

Yes, but if you hand wash wool and lay it flat to dry it won’t shrink, but cotton will.

But the cotton probably wouldn’t shrink either if hand washed and laid to dry. I agree though, it’s probably better to use something with a similar fiber content. If it doesn’t match, maybe in a slightly lighter or darker color or same color group - blues, greens, yellows - whatever color the sweater is.

thanks everyone.

just had a thought even though I read this yesterday…did you do a swatch? Can you unravel that and seam with it?!

When I went to a finishing class the lady gave us all hot pink yarn to sew up with on our swatches no matter what color we knitted in. Guess what? the seaming thread did not show. We used mattress stitch seams for the side seams and I don’t know the name of the shoulder seam.