Ran out of Room on Needle!

Hello All! I am Elaine, I am new to this forum and look forward to seeing everyones posts! I am a beginner knitter and have run out of room on my 14inch straight needle. I cannot find any longer and have no idea how to continue my project when I cannot fit any more yarn on the needle. What am I supposed to do? :knitting:

Use a circular needle. They can be used for flat or in the round. They are all I use now. The length depends on what it is your knitting.

What are you knitting? What weight yarn? A link would be helpful, too.

Circular needles are really handy for big projects. When you make an afghan or a long sweater, you can lay most of the work in your lap and take the weight off your arms and hands. Everybody has a favorite kind. I happen to like bamboo.

Hang onto your straights, though–they’ll still come in handy for smaller work.

I followed the directions of the book which told me which needles to use. I am using the fine thread. Unfortunately I threw out the label but its very thin and fine. Im making a scarf which said to cast on 178 stitches however there are thing to do to make it longer during the process and I ran out of room. I dont understand why the book would say to use a straight needle and then run out of room. I will look into the circular needle.

Thanks for the tips I will be sure to include the pattern and weight of yarn next time. As far as links I usually read from books so I will include the book names?

Welcome to KH!
Yes, book names are helpful and pattern names, too. Sometimes just seeing a photo of the item can help.
Have you counted you sts.to make sure that you’re not inadvertently increasing without realizing it?

I’m going to take a guess that your pattern book is 1960’s or 1970’s. Published in the days [I]before circular knitting needles [/I] were available, or even common. The pattern telling you to use 14" straights was the possibly only option available.

I could be wrong. The book might not be old, in which case I’d guess it’s not an American knitting pattern or book.

I use circulars almost exclusively these days. And I use a 24" cable most of the time when I do. I like to use the shortest possible cable, allowing the stitches to scrunch and crowd the needle as much as possible before I’ll concede and go up to a 32" cable.

There are many brands of Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles available these days. From very affordable sets (Knit Picks Nickel Plated) to very expensive (Signature Needles Arts “Convertibles”)

If you can afford to invest in any kind of circulars “set”, I’d recommend doing so. Save yourself lots of money with a “set”.

You’ll be “set” for life! Pun intended.:wink:

Yes I love all of this advice. The book is…Monica Russel Easy Knitted Scarves. It doesn’t look like it was from the 60’s or 70’s. I did get confused though when I got to row 6. It said K1, drop the wrapped st off the needle. That is when I ran out of room. I would wrap the thread twice then knit 1. Did I do this wrong?

It sounds like you wrap the yarn around the needle on row 5. That’s going to crowd the needle. Then on row 6, k1 and drop the wraps from the previous row. That should give you more room on the needle again.
I use circulars for everything for all the reasons given above. They’ll make this pattern easier for you too.

If the pattern is what I’m thinking it’s like, you’ll either have a bunch of ladders or big eyelets through it. That’s what the dropped yarn overs will make. Yes, a circular will make that a LOT easier.
You’ll find the stitches stay on better when you put your work down when you use a circular needle. Those rubber stoppers will fit on them, too, but it’s easy just to sove your stitches together on the cable and lay it down.

Thanks everyone! I got the circular needles and has made a world of difference! Thank You:cheering: