Ramwools sale- anyone get their stuff?

I ordered 6 balls of Patons Brilliant in color ‘glitter green’. I was SO excited about receiving it so I could start my FIRST EVER sweater!

What I received was 6 spools of green metallic thread.

And I had to ARGUE with the CSR for literally 15 minutes to convince her that I had not received what I ordered! She said they don’t fill internet orders, they go directly to the suppliers. And apparently suppliers are NEVER wrong. I told her the item number on the spools of thread was different from the item number of the correct item. She argued that perhaps the supplier uses different numbers. Yes, but this number is in the same format as your item numbers! ARGH she was so rude about it… and when I finally convinced her it was their mistake, she was suddenly all sunshine and light, as though she thought she could fool me into thinking she had been friendly and helpful all along. That was the MOST frustrating experience. I know people make mistakes, I’m OK with that… but she was so RUDE about it and utterly convinced that there was no way in hell they were wrong…

Anyway, just wanted to vent, thanks :), and see if anyone else had any problems?

I just got mine today, but I didn’t have any problems. That is too bad about yours though. :pout:

i ordered one skein of the zephyr spun laceweight in vanila. still not here :frowning:

Mine’s supposed to get here tomorrow. I hope they sent the right stuff!:pray:

Sorry, Abbily. I haven’t gotten anything. I ordered a couple of spools of metallic thread, probably the same kind Abbily mistakenly got, and 2 balls of Peter Rabbit. I got an email saying they were actually out of stock of Peter Rabbit and would ship when it came in a few weeks. Poor inventory system.

I received my 9 balls of yarn maybe last Thursday. Exactly what I ordered and packed nicely.

Nikki, what color was your metallic thread supposed to be? What I got is green.


I ordered from them once last year. I got a telephone call about a week after I placed my order to tell me some of what I ordered was out of stock. I told them to send the rest, and I received it more than 2 weeks later. Lesson learned, their prices may be good but don’t get your heart set on getting everything you order, or getting it soon! In their defense, I have ordered things from yarn.com before and not gotten it due to being out of stock as well. Crazy things happen in online yarn sales!

got my order today. no problems :slight_smile:

I got half of my order, and a notice that the other half is coming. That’s fine.