Rambling Rows Jacket

I was wondering if anyone has made this sweater. And if you have a picture of it. I am looking for color ideas.

I checked Raverly and there are some there, but mostly childrens.
Just looking for color placement ideas of the three yarns used. Thanks

Is it something [B][U][COLOR=“Blue”]like this[/COLOR][/U][/B]?


Yes, and I love that yarn. Never seen it made with a self striping yarn. Thanks

I did a search in Google images and found this one.


I started it as a knitalong with my knitter’s guild and got two squares made but I missed the next meeting and haven’t worked on it anymore. Someone used Noro for theirs and the colors are gorgeous! I was just making it to hang out with the other ladies so I was making a baby size with Wool-Ease.