Rambling Leaves Shawl -- still



and to everyone who helped me several mos. ago — Yep, still this… put it off to work on a couple of other things, and then just life getting in the way…:wink:

I have restarted no less than 8 times…

My question is: when this calls for a M1, how do I know which one to use?? I have been looking up the different kinds, and there are sooooooooooo many. I have searched elann’s site for answer w/out success, but thought maybe some one here would know if there is a standard M1 for “lace” work…

TIA!! As always!


I lift the strand between the two stitches from front to back with the left needle and knit into the back of it.

Well, then will be what I do! Thanks!!

That’s how it describes it in the chart - make 1 using strand between 2 stitches.

Thanks, I think I have been looking at this for sooo long I am missing the obvious. Dang, I even have handwritten notes by that particular instruction… so I believe I am just losing my mind!:oops:

Sorry – and Thanks again y’all!!