I have a feeling I’m not going to use patterns very much… not until I learn some harder things anyways. I’ve been knitting for a month and a half now and I want to knit a sweater, but I don’t have double pointed needles or the right size circular. I think I could do it, but I don’t have the needles I need. The pattern is very simple, minus the intarsia (am still trying to learn, but am having trouble. Is it supposed to look so crappy on the back?). It’s the skull sweater from the Stitch N’ Bitch book. I love the book so much. Sooooo… any advice on intarsia? Can I make this swear with only straight needles?

Don’t know about that, but you should check out eBay for some circs and dps–I got good buys on both and quickly hipped with Paypal!!

YOu need to become fast friends with Silver and Ingrid!

If they lived in the area I’d make them come over and teach me!

There is a limit to how neat intarsia can look on the back. There’s no way, unless you do double knitting to have a front and back that look ‘view worthy’. The more experience you have at it, the neater it can be, but since it’s not seen, as long as you don’t have holes and puckers, you’re ok. Even holes can be closed.

In some instances, intarsia in the round is possible, but only if both colors are carried across the pattern. Usually it’s done on straight needles.

Well the pattern says to use Intarsia, so I’m assuming it’s okay? :??

Does it say to knit the sweater in the round? I don’t have that book, so I can’t really say if it’s suitable from my experience to knit in the round. I would hope that if they suggest it that they give you directions.

Is there just one skull, or is there a trail of them all the way around?

No, the sweater is not knit in the round… I think. There is one skull on each arm, and then the bones crossed underneath. It’s a big picture, but nothing on the main body. Does that help? I’m so bad at explaining sometimes!

That’s intarsia. It really isn’t hard, and you’re a daring knitter. You just follow the chart, one stitch per square. There is a way to twist the yarn as you change colors to avoid holes, I’m sure it’s in the book or in the videos. Other than that, it’s cake!

Also I’d like to point out these pattern correctionsfrom the S 'n B website. I don’t see any corrections listed for the skull sweater, but just to warn you I have found one error in a pattern from that book that wasn’t listed in the corrections page.

Good luck!!!

:thinking: I went to the pattern corrections website cause I think I’m gonna knit my little boy the mittens out of the book but it took me to a baby site :?? :lol:

Which mittens??? Because it was in the Later Gater mittens that I found the error.

Yeah, that was wierd.

And thank you Ingrid! Now I just need to buy the right needles for it. :slight_smile:

those are the ones gonna try them… on my long list of to dos… I finished his sisters afghan and he has picked the yarn out for his hat and scarf so thought I’d make them too… He loves GREEN!!! LOL