Rainy's Christmas Tree Dishcloth

I’m trying to do Rainy’s Christmas Tree Dishcloth I found on Ravelry, and I don’t get the cast on at the start of the rows.

QUOTE: abbreviations: CO = Cast on, BO = Bind off
Note: To cast on new stitches: Knit into first stitch, slip new stitch back onto left needle. Repeat until you have added the number of stitches called for.
Row 1: K across
Row 2: K across
Row 3: CO 3, K across
Row 4: CO 3, K across
Row 5: CO 1, K
Row 6: CO 1, K
Row 7: BO 2, K
Row 8: BO 2, K

I think I get the 1st step (knit it but leave it on the left needle), but how do I slip the new stitch back onto the left needle? I know I’m twisting the stitch when I do it. I did it right once, but can’t seem to do it again…

Is there a video (I couldn’t find one) or does Amy call it something else besides CO???

Yes its called a knitted cast on. Its not hard to do. Amy has a video of it up top I am sure! Good luck.

OK, I just checked and Amy calls it Knitting On. There is a video for you to watch in the casting on section of the videos up top.