Rainbow swirly hat for me and sammy.. RED HEART SOFT YARN!

Hey everyone!! Here is the hat in a Rainbow Version. Me and little Sammy have matching Hats! His hat is a different color sequence then mine…and im finishing up mine as you can see in the picture. Sammy was KNOCKED OUT SLEEP when i took the pic!.

With sammy’s hat i cast on 100 stitches and with Mine 110. I deciding if i should throw Pom Poms on them! Stay tuned for the scarfs to match!!

Hope you all like it!!

OMG>>>>That is toooo cute, you’ve got me wanting one & hats look terrible on me…lol

Very Nice,
Rhy :teehee:

make you one of any color and send it to you!!

Those hats are amazing! I love them! Won’t your son be surprised when he finds out he modeled it in his sleep! :rofling:

I like very much! Makes me think of lime, tangerine, and grape!

They’re beautiful and bright! :thumbsup:

What yarn did you use?

Great job! I think they would look good with tassels on top!

How To Make Tassel:
Wind yarn around your hand, slip it off carefully. Switch to your small finger. Attach a strand around the end (about 3/4") securely. Slip it off your small finger and do a couple more rounds and tie a secure knot. With a strand, attach to folded end of braid. Cut the other end and trim. The fun part of this tassel is it is telescopic, which means you can leave the braid on or pull the braid back inside, leaving just the tassel at top of cap on right side.

Here is a picture of the tassel used on a stocking cap:

beautiful hats!

awww how cute he looks!! Love the hats :cheering:

Gorgeous! You always do such good work! Can’t wait to see the scarfs!

Beautiful job!

Oh my gosh I love them! You guys are going to look SO CUTE together! We need a picture of it!

Those are adorable! :heart:

And all of a sudden Buddha-mom’s inbox is full!!! Seriously, what pattern did you use???

love, love your hats!!! :heart:

They look great! Those colors just knock me out! :heart: