Rainbow sock monkey

YEAH! I’ve seen this commercial soo many times now I’m ready to give in and knit the damn thing :stuck_out_tongue: Bet they didn’t know it wasn’t just a Pier One commercial :smiley:

Knitting the Diatom Shawl at the moment. I’m just getting to the point it’s taking more than a day to complete one row which is really, really boring. Amazingly it’s actually the only knitting project I have going at the moment o.O Can’t remember the last time that happened to me. So, rainbow sock monkey? I think I actually have some yarn that looks like a muppet exploded :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta have hubby haul all my yarn boxes to our ginormous walk in closet so I can sort 'em out. We just moved from one state to another and I’ve discovered I have more yarn than clothes and now a closet that also has shelves I put my yarn on :slight_smile: :blooby:

You gonna teach him to sing like the Pier One Sock monkey too?? lol Looking forward to seeing him. I made 3 sock monkey hats for my kids to wear climbing Kilamanjaro. Daughter got altitude sickness and had to be rushed down the mountain when she was almost to the summit, but the guys each wore theirs when they were at the top!

J, Can’t wait to see both finished projects, Mr. (or Mrs.) Sock Monkey and that gorgeous shawl.

Nonny, Love the pictures of the summit. It’s too bad your daughter couldn’t be there but what an adventure and what stylish hats.

Mrs :slight_smile: Hubbinator and I have the same initials I always forget how androgynous they can be. Sock monkay looks fun and quick whereas shawl is long and boring so far.

I like the monkey in the rainbow colors. I knit Carmen Banana (a KnitPicks pattern) a while back. I had no good reason to knit a sock monkey–I just thought it was a cute pattern, and that it would be fun to knit! Here she is:

All right, you guys! That’s enough monkeying around! Or is it?

Cute monkeys, cute hats on top of the world, and lots of fun projects coming down the pipeline–monkey business indeed!

I have to admit that the monkey in the commercial is awful cute. Love the rainbow colours…
Loved Carmen Banana too… so cute and dashing! :slight_smile:

Knitted toys of all kinds are just the coolest thing! The sock monkey is a classic! Very iconic!