Rainbow Scarf (FO)


I’m going to have to get a look in person, to even begin to understand this, LOL. I can’t imagine how one colour can end and another begin in exactly the place you want it to…why doesn’t one colour run out somewhere in the middle of a row. And you say to “try to match the center color on the outside of another ball” - I also don’t see how the centre colour can be on the outside…the centre should be in the middle of the ball…so I definitely need to go shopping! :rofl:


The different cakes don’t all start and end with the same colors. I usually work from the outside of the cake so the color I end with when I’m at the center would ideally match the color I start with on the next cake. I had a hard time wrapping my addled brain around it so my explanation might be a lot less than clear.


OOOHhh, I follow you now! :smile: But I still don’t get how the yarn knows when I’m at the end of my row - knitting a 6-inch scarf or a 10-inch scarf the colour should run out in a different place in the row shouldn’t I? how does the colour change happen at precisely the end of the row? (Don’t feel you have to try to explain it to me, I’m just sharing my confusion - talk about an “addled brain”!)


It’s automagical? Actually I can see one color change that isn’t at the end of the row. I guess the yarn’s only kinda smart. lol

ETA and some color changes were not as abrupt as others they kind of blended into each other with my project. YMMV


You’re really challenging me with the “urban slang” - I always thought ETA was estimated time of arrival, but since that didn’t fit here, I looked it up. Edited To Add. YMMV = Your Experience (which obviously begins with an “M” :laughing:) May Vary. I remember a couple of months ago I’d seen people on another forum talking so much about yarn “cakes” (which I’d never heard of) that I looked it up and found an article. It gave the pros and cons of the different cakes and more/less abrupt colour changes was one of the points to be aware of.

ETA - Strange - we’ve been talking about Mandala for a few days - and in my Inbox this morning there’s an email from Lionbrand (I’m on their mailing list), all about Mandala cakes - big photos, write-ups, sale - coincidence - ? I wonder. Got the FB jitters I guess, but I almost feel like someone’s looking over my shoulder every time I’m online now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ha, yes, we’re all more sensitive about companies listening in to us. However, I had the same email about Mandala from Lion Brand. It seems to simply be their most recent yarn advertisement.


Glad to know that! Guess I’m getting a little paranoid…:roll_eyes:


YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

I use a tracker blocker. Those pesky FB trackers are only part of the problem. Google is horrific. Ads can have trackers that end up on your computer and follow you around. I never sign into anything else with FB - I think because of security settings on various “I am paranoid” programs I run it’s impossible anyhow. They love to follow you when you do that and then it’s all linked. Paranoid is Me. I am so paranoid I use Linux, not Windows or iOS.

The email was coincidental. I’m sure.


Agree. I don’t sign in with FB either, and never follow links in posts or click on ads. I clear my browsing history at least once a day - not so dedicated about the cache though. Good for you, using Linux - my son swears by it for the same reason. I use a Mac it’s been good.


Mac is good. I couldn’t afford a Mac and got started with Linux over 10 years ago. Ubuntu is amazingly user friendly even. I still keep thinking I need to have antivirus software that I use. There isn’t any. I finally quit searching for it. lol


I think it was about 12 years ago when my son was building websites that he went to linux. Back then it wasn’t so simple, and if you started with it 10 yrs ago I’m definitely impressed by your computer-smarts!


They were just coming out with more user/abuser friendly interfaces at that time. Mostly I just managed to get along. It was that or no computer since I couldn’t afford a new computer that would run Windows or a Mac. Now I wouldn’t change to anything else. Maybe a different flavor of Linux but it would still be Linux! I really know very little about doing anything besides click on what I want.


“Click on what I want” - my skill set exactly! :