Rainbow Scarf (FO)

I just finished this scarf early this week:

Rainbow Scarf Finished


Nice work and love the colours

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That scarf is going to make you and everyone you see smile. Lovely work.

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So bright and cheerful - I love your scarf.

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Thanks, Krissy, salmonmac, and GG! :grinning:


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Nice work.

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:rainbow: Love it :grinning:


Thanks, Jan, YarnFumes, and notknittingknots!:smiley:

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Fun, and so pretty! I can’t imagine how you would weave in all the ends securely but so neatly that it doesn’t show, where you change colours. I’d make a mess of it, but yours is lovely :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, IslandTime! :grinning:

I used a variegated yarn, Lion Brand’s Mandala yarn, to make the rainbow scarf. Are you familiar with Mandala yarn?

No I’m not - just the name - I’ve seen in mentioned on forum. I’ve been away from knitting a long time - a few years - and just hoping to get back to it. I was never very good at it though, lol. Do you mean, you used a variegated yarn and didn’t have to join? I don’t see how that could be…it couldn’t come out perfectly like that….

A variegated yarn has multiple colors, sometimes mixed together, in it, compared to a yarn with just one color. If a variegated yarn is used, and just a variegated yarn, there is no need for joining different colors unless you use multiple skeins of the same variegated yarn, depending upon the project. In that case, just the yarn would need to be joined.

Also, Mandala is available at Walmart, if you live in the U.S., and on Lion Brand’s website at http://www.lionbrand.com/mandala-yarn.html. How it is variegated is that different colors are used to dye different parts of the yarn. This gives it a striped effect.

Mandala is also a cake yarn, which it means that it is rolled into a cake instead of the usual shapes into which yarn is rolled and sold.

Also, good luck with your knitting journey!

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Thanks! I’ll check our Walmart next time I’m there - fascinating stuff!

A variegated and cake yarns are fun and interesting to use but i think your scarf is great doing it the way that you did it. It is also fun to make a scarf using leftover yarn. Great job!

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Love the scarf! That looks like a fun yarn to work with.

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You’re welcome!

Thanks, trisha54! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Mandala is a great yarn to work with. That is why I have bought several cakes of it to use in projects, including scarves.

I’ve used Mandala for a crocheted Virus scarf and the color changes were fun. When you select yarns like this in person you might want to try to match the center color on the outside of another ball if you’re using more than one. That way you can start the next ball with the same color you finish with. One of the cake yarns has flecks of colors that give a spotty effect that some people don’t like but I can’t remember which one it is.

Currently at my Walmart Mandala is less than $4 a ball, something like $3.98.

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