Rainbow Rock tie-dye kits

I got some cotton yarn to dye. But then found out I could not use Kool-aid…:noway: But that is ok, I have some wool order from KNitpick I can use.

Google around to found out what I could use. I found this place. Has anyone done this or have heard of it being done? I am going to give it a try. Will post picture good or bad.:thumbsup:

i have heard of those kits being used but i have never seen the results

i used this dye for my cotton
the color matched the packets exactly

i was going to buy one of those tye dye kits but decided i only wanted one color anyway. heh

i think they are the same kind of dyes so it should work pretty well.

i hope you have fun dyeing!

Here is the first skiens… of wool yarn. I hope you can see it… That is my wool with kool-aid… Not to bad for my first time. I did get some red in my green, I know that will turn brown… but its not to bad.

Looks great!

very pretty and bright!