Rainbow denise interchangeable needles


Does anyone know if the rainbow denise interchangeable needles are still available? I get an error message when I click on the shop link but I see they’re still being advertised on the website. If they’re not available, is anyone interested in selling theirs?



Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click contact us. Ask about the needles there. I’ll also let them know you are asking.

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your help. I will send a message as you suggested.


The Rainbow Denise needles are back in stock. There was a problem with the store yesterday afternoon, but it should be fixed now. Here is the link to them:


I will be shipping orders today, so if you order by noon, it should be in the mail today!


Thanks for the info! I just ordered a set and can’t wait to use them.


Thanks! I see your order. The mail has already been picked up today, but I will see if I can get them on their way to you tomorrow. You’re in MA like us, so you should receive them within a day or two of shipping.

Thanks again for your order. We appreciate it!