RAINBOW COLORED Denise Interchangeable Needles!

They’re ready! I colored one of these sets for myself months ago, and promised to make them available for sale. They’re ready! I’m now selling them.

For ordering info, see my post in Buy/Sell/Swap: [size=6]Ordering Details here[/size]

I’ve had several delays in getting these ready for sale. First, the Denise company misplaced my order, and it took them over a month to get them to me! Then, of course, we bought a house and moved. My goal is to open a nice store here in KH to sell these and a few other things, and so the other delay has been getting the store together. It’s still not ready, but I decided to start selling these through my simple Paypal method in the mean time, just to get them going. I know some folks have been waiting eagerly.

I’m happy to be finally offering these. I just think they’re so fun! :happydance:

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:cheering: :cheering: They’re so pretty!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Awwww. I liked the gray!!!

(just kidding) :wink:

now my tax return just has to get here!!!

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: WTG, girl…those are just so cute & fun :happydance: :cheering: I’m so curious to find out your other offerings :wink:

Oh, I so wish I didn’t already have a set so I could order the rainbow ones! :inlove: The other day I accidentally used two different sized needles and didn’t realize what happened for a couple of rounds… the tip off was that my knitting mysteriously got a lot tighter… took me a while to realize why, though. :doh: Now if I had color-coded needles, that wouldn’t have happened… Anyway, I can’t wait to see what else you have “in store” for your shop. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of eager customers.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Don’t you know you really need two sets??? :roflhard: :roflhard: Seriously though, I have two sets and I know at least one other knitter on here who does. They come in handy for stitch holders, trying stuff on while knitting it, etc. etc.

AH! Last week I sent dh a link to some grey Denises on Ebay. And yesterday I sent him a link to this thread. And last night out of no where he said “Wow isnt that cool what Amy did with those Denises.” eeeeeeee :slight_smile: I’m so excited. If Dh thinks its cool, maybe, oh maybe . . . he’ll get’em for me.

Don’t think I’m not tempted… I’m a newbie so I really need to round out my needle collection with other sizes, though. Right now the Denises are all I have except for the first pair of Susan Bates I got when I started. Been thinking about trying out some addi circulars … maybe that’s something else Amy will offer in her store? That Jeff guy on ebay doesn’t seem to have 40 or 47 inch lengths so I bet those would be popular with folks like me who want to try out magic loop socks. I’m especially interested in the natura ones if I can get my hands on them, because I think I may prefer bamboo to metal. They are hard to find, though. (Hint hint, Amy!) :wink:

Ooohh! Those are so cute. I had a set of Boye’s I bought on clearance (can you believe that?) and just received a set of the grey Denise’s that I purchased through the Elann link from your site. Darn - I love those rainbow colors. I am SURE you will have lots of customers for them.

My store is going to be a very small store, for now anyway. Perhaps it will grow. I just want to offer a couple of my favorite things at this point, and a pattern or two. :smiley:

Hey janelanes and loveswildflowers, you could sell your existing set on eBay, you can get nearly full price for them, or give them to a friend for a present, and then you can buy the colored set. :eyebrow: Or, as Kemp so wisely said, why not collect a couple of sets? :wink: You’d gasp in shock if you knew how many sets I’ve collected myself. It really does come in handy to have more than one!

Wahhh!! I wish I could but I’m so broke at the moment. :crying:

Hubby is nagging about my spending already; but I told him some women would spend $300 in one hair-do in NYC and he shut up for a while; but I can’t use the same line over and over…

You could tell him that ONE set of Denise needles equals over 60 non-interchangeable circular needles, and that’s not even including using the “joiners” to make the cables longer, that’s just the 10 needle sizes in the kit x 6 cables!

Man those are so DARN tempting! Although I like blue, purple, and pink better than red, orange,yellow…could I get a set with the three largest needle sizes dyed in those colors? :wink:

But I just bought a set of regular Denise, how can I convince him I need another set in color?

Ooo Oooo … I have to flaunt … I already got mine! I really like them, especially their lovely colorfulness!! I put up a post in my blog because I also have a Needlemaster set that I like. If you’d like to read my “review” of one compared to the other, check it out here. Overall, I really like the Denises, but I will not completely abandon my Boyes! I think it’s definitely worth it to have both sets.