Rainbow Boucle Yarn

Question… I want to make an afghan and was wondering if anyone had used Rainbow Boucle Yarn from Jo-Ann’s, and if you think if would take the wear and tear of a blanket.

Sorry for all of the questions, but I hate to spend a bunch of money and find out I’m wrong!

Ya know…Joann’s yarns are SO new…But, I just got an email about a HUGE online yarn sale…now would be the time to try it!!

Believe it or not… the sales at the stores are cheaper. Don’t fall for that online stuff! I saw yarns “on sale” online, but they are a dollar cheaper if you get your butt up and go in the store. :rollseyes: Just a warning missy. :heart:

I think I’ll try it. It’s pretty darn cheap and inexpensive, and is a good thinness for me to try some designs. :slight_smile: