Rain rain go AWAY!

It snowed about 2 inches here yesterday. Then it turned to rain, it rained all night and it is raining right now. First school was delayed, then cancelled (no phone calls-you can only find out via internet) so after I came back from trying to take the girls to school (forgot to check internet), I sent them downstairs to play in the very clean basement. “Mom its wet down here!”:mad::wall::gah::hair::!!!: Yep, it is wet down there, and I have been there all morning and have no towels left. We just cleaned it on Sunday and they have kept it clean since. This means that all of their toys are in these

and now it looks like this

and there is more water coming in!!!:wall::wall::wall:

And hubby CANNOT come home right now, since he is the only one there and a truck is on the way, he has to stay there.


Oh no. :doh: We don’t have basements here, we just slide down the hills. Always something isn’t it? I hope it stops soon for you!

oh no–I’m so sorry. It IS always something…

Love those toy chests though…

It is still coming in but at least now I have a wet/dry vac! I ran to Lowe’s and picked one up, so first I vacuum, then put a bunch of wet towels in the washer to spin then the dryer to dry so they can go back on the floor! All the while I am trying to stay ahead of the water with the vacuum. Then I had to run outside and shovel the sidewalks…and my back is killing me!

Not being familiar with basements… is there any way one can make it so they don’t leak?

OUCH! I feel your pain. I grew up in Saint Louis and we went through that during the big flood. My dad put up plastic tarps (kinda looks like big, thick Saran Wrap) along the floorboards and walls. It helped a bit, slowed down the amount of water leaking in. Mabye you can get some at Lowe’s or Home Depot?