I’m knitting a raglan sweater and on the back piece, I did K2tog at the beginning of the RS and Slip1 K1 PSSO at the end and noticed that the Slip1 K1 PSSO creates a little dash line every other row which looks nice, but the K2tog side doesn’t… how can I make them look the same with that little dash line? Thank you.


There are two variants of the decreases where you pass a stitch over another: one for left leaning and one for right leaning. S1 K1 PSSO is a left leaning decrease. The other one you make by K1, slip back to left needle. Pass the following stitch over the just knitted one and then slip the stitch back to the right needle. So this one and S1 K1 PSSO form a pair as they are mirrors of each other.

In the same way K2tog and SSK form a pair as they are mirrors of each other.

I know that some mix S1 K1 PSSO (left leaning) with K2tog (right leaning), especially in older patterns. It is however safe to replace one of them so the result is a true mirror, which in my opinion looks a lot better.


I ripped out the decreased rows I had done and tried this - it’s awesome! Thank you so much!!


The pattern I am currently using for my man’s Raglan sleeved jumper is probably from the 1960s. The decrease rows, from the RS, start S1, K1, S1, K2tog, psso and end K3tog K2. This is a four stitch reduction in each reduction row - twice yours - but it looks symmetrical with the right hand end leaning left and the left hand end leaning right. The pattern is a variant of K1 P1 rib in which the RS is all K and the back is alternating purl and knit into into the loop below. This looks like rib but is looser. Reducing by two at each end means that the reduction rows all look alike, which I guess they wouldn’t if they just reduced by one, as every other reduction would correspond with a column of K stitches, and similarly with purl ones.