Raglan Sweater Qs

Hi all, first post! (But I imagine not my last)

I’ve been knitting the Wool And The Gang My Guy sweater (link: https://www.woolandthegang.com/en/products/my-guy-sweater-kit) and I think I am up to the raglan, but am having trouble with the pattern.

I have just cast off in two places on the body to create my arm holes, and am beginning to work up the back, but I’m not sure if I’ve made a mistake.

The next step reads: Decrease Row: p1 st, k1 st, k1 st, make a left-leaning decrease, starting with a k st, work in 1x1 rib until you have 5sts left of your row, make a right-leaning decrease, k1st, p1st, k1st.

The next step suggests to do the opposite, knitting and then purling. I assume this is to form the raglan (I have never made one before).

My problem is, the row I’m on starts with a knit stitch, not a purl stitch, and I imagine that purling it will ruin the rib? I’ve counted all my stitches and I have the right number on both front and back (123), and I have also done the right number of rows (for the most part I’ve been working in the round, but am now working back and forth across the back).

Am I being silly? Do I just start with a purl? or should I invert the step so I start with a knit? Or should I stitch one more row so I can turn my work and then start with a purl? I’m going mad overthinking this, would appreciate a more expert knitter’s advice xx

Lily xx

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Welcome to KH!
You want to continue the pattern in the main body of the pattern. The row may start with a purl which will become part of the raglan seam followed by 2 knits and the left leaning decrease. The next stitches should continue the 1x1 rib.
The photo may be a better guide than even the written pattern.

Oh I see! Yes I was being silly, thanks so much for the help xx

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If you’re confused by directions, then it’s a very good question to ask about. Don’t hesitate.

I do this too I read the whole pattern ahead and overthink it🙂

It’s often a good idea to read through a pattern to get a general idea of where it’s going. If I do that however, I end up saying, “Huh?” and scratching my head. The pattern notes if there are some are usually more helpful.

It makes me not try more often than not

Read through the pattern rating and project notes on Ravelry. Other knitters who have made the pattern are often the most helpful. Sometimes patterns give a list of required techniques and that can help, too.
Don’t let reading through discourage you. Some directions that make no sense become clear when you have stitches on the needles. And of course, you have all of us to back you up. You can do it!