Raglan sweater (moxie)

I’m knitting a Moxie raglan sweater, pattern by c2knits.com. I tried to get on the webb page but couldn’t. I’m at the part where you join the ribbing to the sweater.Ribbing section:pick up stitches by picking up 3 stitches for every four rows. I have ripped this sweater out twice when I got to this part. I guess I don’t know what they mean? Help please!

Along an edge you can’t pick up in every stitch at the end of the row, or even every other stitch because the knit stitch is taller than it is wide. If you compare your stitch to row gauges you probably have something like 6 stitches measure the same as 8 rows or a 3 to 4 ratio. So you would pick up 3 sts in every edge stitch, then skip the 4th stitch and pick up the next 3.

Take a look at this tutorialfrom knitty. It may help with the idea of picking up sts every so often rather than every row or every other row.