raglan sweater help

Hi there. This is my first jumper. Its a top down design. I’ve cast on 112 stitches in 1x1 in the round for the start of the yoke and now it’s time do start stockinette stitch but with raglan increases and I’m stuck already! I have a couple of questions:

A) Its asked to use stitch markers at 14, 40, 14 and 40 stitches…but there’s 4 left over. Is that normal?

B) once I have the above sorted it says to continue in stockinette stitch with raglan increases on the right side rows. If it’s in the round does that mean the right side is the knit side and wrong side the purl side? If so would I start doing the raglan increase on the first row as it would be a knit row?

C) in addition to all of this it’s talking about shaping the neck…I’ve attached the pattern. I just don’t get when I start this??

Sorry so many questions. I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!


Can you tell us the name of the pattern? Even if it’s in a book or a purchased pattern having the name of it and a link if possible will be helpful. (Don’t post more of the pattern than you have).

This is a pullover not a cardigan correct? You should have the same amount of space between the markers… in other words each shoulder should be the same width. The back may have more than the front section.

It’s the Petite Knit ‘No Frills Sweater’ - i’ve attached the pattern. Thank you! Im doing the size small

I bet that the pattern calls for 4 stitch markers to be placed on a stitch rather than between sts. That would account for the extra 4 sts. The stitches separate the arms from the back and front. You would then increase on either side of the marked stitch.

Yes, work the increases on the right side rows. Since it’s knit in the round, all the rows will be on the right side, all will be knit rows. Just make the increases as often as the pattern states.

The pattern says to continue with stockinette stitch. I can’t read the next words but usually the short rows are worked across the back to increase the height. If no other direction is given, start the short rows at the point where the pattern says “Continue in stockinette st…”

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Thank you so much. I dont know why the whole pattern didnt attach. I’ve sent a better picture of the pattern bit that’s confusing

So does that mean i just put the stitch markers one over what it says to even it out?

I’m not sure what you mean by one over. The pattern tells you to place a marker in stitch one for beginning of round for example, then count 14 sts place the marker on the next stitch the count 40sts and place a marker on the next stitch. That’ll account for the missing 4sts

The pattern instructions are not very clear, and assume that you know a few certain things. This is a problem for many beginners, because they jump too quickly into a project before they ready. I do appreciate your enthusiasm, but you need to learn to walk before you can run.

I do suggest that you take a class on knitting sweaters – in particular, a raglan – just so you can ask questions, and there is someone that can actually SEE what you are doing. As you see here, your description of a problem is not clearly understood because we don’t know what you meant.

There are many ways to do a raglan sweater. One involves making increases before and after TWO stitches in various places. That means, the marker goes in the middle of two stitches, and these two make the raglan line. That looks good.

But sometimes you can have only ONE stitch as the raglan line… with increases before and after that ONE stitch. It looks good too. This usually involves YOs as the increases, and makes for a decorative line – which also looks good. In that case, you place the marer ON THAT ONE stitch.

All are correct, and all are different. The designer assumed you already knew her style of making increases. A lot goes unsaid!!

Take a class, or join a Knit-A-Long – so there is some help along the way.

Iam sorry i find your posts to be condescending and harsh and not enjoyable to read